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Best Headphones To Use With Call Center Phones

Best Headphones To Use With Call Center Phones

The major part of a call center agent workday involves communicating to various customers and peers through audio calls. As a result, the phone systems, headset, and other equipment are sophisticated.

A large pool of high-end headphones is available in the market to make your communication noise-free and uninterrupted.

Mandatory Features Of A Call Center Headset

The headsets you buy for your workplace aid you in performing your daily activities better and contribute to the progress of your organization. The mandatory features to look for while choosing a call center headset include:


The headsets you choose for your customer care center must be long-lasting and durable. If the headsets break quickly, it can hinder your daily activities at the call center. The materials utilized in the headsets must be strong and high quality.

Noise Cancelling Capabilities

The headsets must possess active noise canceling capabilities. The call centers have a large team of customer care representatives working at a common workplace. This results in a noisy environment.

The headset with noise-canceling features ensures that your conversations are clear and free of background disruptions.

Comfortable And Ergonomic

The major part of the daily tasks of a call center agent involves talking on the phone. A comfortable headset doesn’t hurt your neck or ears during long office hours. The padding must be soft and the equipment must be lightweight for avoiding any health issues.

The headphones must be ergonomically designed so that they don’t disturb your work routine. The human to headset interactions must be fun and free of any health hazards.

Advance Design And Features

The headset you choose must have the latest features and functionality to makes your communications effective and efficient.

The type of headset must be selected based on your requirements, work responsibilities, and personal choices. Various types include single earpieces, dual earpieces, over-the-ear, behind-the-ear, etc.

Best Headsets For Call Center Phones

A perfect headset has a positive impact on the productivity and performance of a call center agent. The most popular headsets for call centers based on reliability, performance, noise cancellation, etc are mentioned as following:

Sennheiser CC 550 IP

Sennheiser has been introducing high-quality headsets for a long time. This Sennheiser headset offers amazing voice quality that is crystal clear. The call center agents can talk seamlessly for long work hours without any interruption.


The active noise cancellation capabilities of these headsets are highly effective. It removes echoes and cancels background noises. It offers a USB connection making it portable. Their price ranges from $150 to $180.

Jabra Biz 2400 II

This Jabra Biz headset is an outstanding headset ideal for use in call centers. The design is intuitive and the controls are simple. The audio quality of this headset is HD and the communications carried out through them are crystal clear.


The boom mic can rotate at 360 degrees making it comfortable to use. It offers a USB connection, noise-canceling mic and earpieces, sophisticated design, and other impressive features.

The Jabra headsets are available at a price range of $150 to $200 and offer all the core functionalities a customer care center representative needs.

Plantronics Voyager Focus

Plantronics is among the leading brands for producing high-quality headsets of various types. The Voyager focus call center headphones are stereo headsets with impressive active noise-canceling abilities. The padded ear cushions are comfortable to wear during long office hours.


It comprises three microphones that ensure that the customer and call center agent conversion is clear and crisp. It supports a roaming range of 250 feet approximately and agents can leave their desks while calling. These wireless headphones cost $150 to $180.

Logitech H650e

This astounding headset by Logitech is also among the best choices for call center representatives. This comprises a large variety of features at an affordable price range. It costs $70 to $100. These wireless headphones offer an amazing voice quality with noise cancellation properties.


The microphones also have echo cancellation and noise-canceling features making it possible to converse with your customers effectively.

Jabra Pro 9450 Midi-Boom Headset System

These Jabra headsets have a sophisticated design with an amazing set of features. The design is flexible and convenient to use in a high-volume office environment.

The headphone offers different connections modes and can be connected to a PC, laptop, or desk phone. The wideband audio offers amazing quality and clarity. The noise cancellation features to ensure that the calls are not disrupted due to noises in the background.

The range of these headphones is almost 450 feet and lets you roam around the workplace during calls. The price range for these headsets is $150 to $200.