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8 Free tools for digital marketing

8 Free tools for digital marketing

There are many free tools for digital marketing that are easy to use. Whether you need a tool for website optimization, blog topic research, website performance monitoring, or more, you’ll probably find it on this list.

1. Hotjar

Wouldn’t it be useful to know how visitors use your website? How far do they scroll, and where do they click? The answers to these questions could be of great use to you, and you can get them from Hotjar. It will show you visitor recordings, scroll maps, click maps, and heat maps that will help you understand exactly what the visitors were doing on your site. This is one of the free tools for digital marketing that you can also use to insert surveys and messages to your visitors, as well as analyze your funnel. User research is a powerful thing that will help you in more ways than one.

2. Answer the Public

Blogs help your website appear in non-paid, organic rankings in a search engine, and this increases your website traffic. You will need to know which topics your customers search for, and Answer the Public can help you with this. You’ll be able to find good blog topics that are based on keywords or the language that your customers use. For instance, maybe your customers would search for “dog food” Answer the Public will create trees of topics such as “what’s the best dog food” or “which dog food should I buy” It will base these topics on trending questions and real search quarries related to the keyword.

3. Google Keyword Planner

The list of free tools for digital marketing must include an actual Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool, and Google Keyword Planner is not a bad choice. Use it to conduct keyword research and make strong keyword lists. Once you enter a keyword, it will show you related search volumes and related keyword ideas.

4. Moz Local

Moz Local gives you date insights and highlights about the appearance of your business across the internet. You can check for duplicate listings, get suggestions for on-page and off-page SEO and a report of outbound and inbound links to the website. Moz Local also offers competitive analysis, organic rank tracking, website crawls, and keyword competitiveness and value. It’s one of the free tools for digital marketing that beginners can easily use, but you can also use it for advanced SEO research.

8 Free tools for digital marketing5. Hootsuite

Schedule multiple posts ahead of time across multiple channels with Hootsuite. It also lets you monitor comments and respond to them. You can have one user, schedule 30 messages, and connect three social media profiles in the free version of this tool.

6. WhiteSpark Reviews Handout Generator

Online success often depends on online reviews. Use WhiteSpark Reviews Handout Generator to start a conversation and get more reviews if your customers don’t know how they could do that. You just need to know which device they use to write reviews. Enter your business information, and this tool will create a PDF handout that you can print and give to customers so that they would have detailed instructions on how to leave a good Google review from their desktop or mobile device.

7. Asana

You need good project management software, and Asana is a great example. Your team and you will be able to easily manage tasks, organize, and deliver tasks. You’ll get unlimited file storage, tasks, and projects for free, as well as integration with Android apps, iOS, Zapier, Gmail, and similar tools. You can collaborate with no more than 15 users.

8. Smylelytics

Analyzing performance indicators to get insights into the way your visitors use the website can be pretty exhausting. However, this performance data can help you optimize your content, and Smylelytics is one of the free tools for digital marketing that can help you with that. It’s a very user-friendly tool that sends you reports about the website’s traffic. It will translate the numeric data into personalized, fun photos that make it easy for you to understand whether your website is holding steady, improving, or needs your attention. Google Analytics is a very important tool, but all those graphs and charts can look confusing. Smylelytics translates Google Analytics data such as time on site, goal conversion rate, bounce rate, pages per session, visits, and new visits. The images will indicate poor, neutral, and good website performance regarding each indicator. You’ll get email reports two times every month, and they are very easy to read. You can choose from eight free themes if you need email personalization. To start using Smylelytics you’ll just need the website’s URL and your email addresses (the one you used for Google Analytics and the one that you want to use to receive reports).

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