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7 Free tools for Facebook marketing

7 Free tools for Facebook marketing

Getting the attention of customers is the number one goal of any marketing campaign, but there’s a lot more to it. While you might be familiar with Facebook Analytics, Facebook Audience Insights, and Facebook Ads Manager, there are many more free tools for Facebook marketing. Let’s see the ones that you must include in your marketing strategy to achieve the best results and save money at the same time.

1. Buffer

With Buffer you can plan the content, and publish it to Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram by using only one dashboard. Buffer lets you do this and use a shared team folder to respond to all social conversations. You can easily analyze your social media performance and use Buffer for up to 10 scheduled posts and three social accounts.

2. Compass

Getting a good ad report could do wonders for your marketing campaign, so this is one of the best free tools for Facebook marketing. AdEspresso brought us Compass, which will show you what’s good about your Facebook ad campaigns, as well as what’s not. The report will show you key metrics such as the number of conversations, ad frequency, and the amount spent. You’ll be able to see link clinks and types of conversations and the report also shows a data breakdown by countries, placement, devices, gender, and age.

3. Power Editor

This handy tool lets you build and duplicate your campaigns, ads, and ad sets. You can easily edit all the ad sets and set them live simultaneously. Power Editor lets you get multiple ads into production much more easily and efficiently than Ad Manager. Facebook also often tests their new products in this tool before adding them to the standard interface, so you might get ahead of your competitors.

7 Free tools for Facebook marketing4. DrumUp

Posting regular, relevant, and interesting content is important, but finding things worth posting can take up a lot of time. DrumUp is one of the best free tools for Facebook marketing because it basically does it for you! It will identify engaging stories that suit your audience as well as rank them. You’ll just need to type in relevant keywords, and when you find something you like, it will appear in your share queue. You can add a headline, a comment, adjust the time and date, include hashtags, upload an image, or schedule the post so that it gets repeated at some point. Of course, you can even create your own posts and use DrumUp to manage your Facebook shares.

5. Headline Analyzer

The image and the headline often determine whether people will click on your post or not. Good headlines are those that capture the subject of the content and the value it gives to readers, and creating such headlines is simple when you use CoShedule’s Headline Analyzer. This tool has analyzed the best article’s headlines, focusing on traffic, SEO value, and social shares. It compares your headline with these and reminds you to use emotional and powerful words. Headline Analyzer also recommends using fewer words or characters.

6. Timeline Contest Manager

You might need to launch some contests, whether it’s photo contests, quizzes, or sweepstakes. Timeline Contest Manager is one of the free tools for Facebook marketing that can help you with that. You start by selecting an existing post that has announced the contest, and you then choose which type of contest you’d like to run. Add the winning criteria, and this manager will choose the winners for you! This tool was brought to us by Agorapulse, and they offer more tools such as Agorapulse Academy and Facebook Page Barometer.

7. Likealyzer

Find out everything you need to know about your page’s performance, along with great suggestions for boosting engagement. Not all free tools for Facebook marketing require you to create an account and to use Likelyzer you just need to enter the page URL. You’ll instantly receive a report which includes useful information on what’s good and what’s bad about your page. You might get a suggestion to post at a different time, ask your audience more questions or post different types of content.

These are the best free tools for Facebook marketing but don’t forget about Facebook Ad Library and Facebook Creative Hub either. While you can see all the Facebook ads in Facebook Ad Library, you can use the Creative Hub to learn about apps, create mockups, as well as preview and test your ads. There are more free tools for small businesses, so don’t stop at social media marketing if your goal is to improve your business and save money at the same time.