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9 Best airlines in the World

Looking for the best airlines in the world that will redefine your flying experience this year? Especially the ones that make the right cut from a friendly budget, comfort, health, and safety?

The World Airways Awards hosted by Skytrax placed Qatar Airlines as one of the best. It nabbed the top spot in the year 2019, pushing away Singapore Airways to second place. It celebrated its fifth take on a prestigious position as it formerly won in the year 2017, 2015, 2012, and 2011 as one of the best airlines in the world.

Apart from the Qatar flight, what  other top airlines are available?

In this article there is a list of worldwide airlines you would love to try out.

We will be taking a look at about 9 of them. 

Singapore Airways

    First on the list is the airway which is known for giving out an amazing value and taking the record of the world’s longest flight award. It provides well-seat comfort, in-flight service, and crew trustworthiness. It was commended for the continuous upgrades of its economy class product.

Emirates Airways

     The availability of cocktail bars, showers, and other perks gave it the award for best in-flight entertainment. But that alone isn’t the reason for it being among the top airways. The Dubai-based flight line got praises for other services like a seat-back entertainment system of over a thousand channels and a perfect working connection.


    Also known as Japan Airlines. It has a long history of being Japan’s official flag carrier. Offering a traditional and business class economy, it ranks a high mark for its above-average service and meals that honor the Japanese culture and also western taste.

EVA Airlines

    Allocated in Taipei, and known for its clean and eco-friendly environment, nice flight crew, and outstanding services. Commended by passengers for its budget-friendly price and expanded cabin; You will most likely find the best food onboard on this flight as it provides tasty and nutritious cuisines motivated by top Michelin chefs.

New Zealand Airways

    With a comfortable economy section and a glass of New Zealand’s famous wines, Travelers with a budget can sign in for this amazing flight. Most importantly, they pay close attention to seat relaxation, providing a ‘sky crouch’ that gives family fliers enough space.

Qantas Airlines

   This airline’s signature service includes good food, quality wines, and a portable economy section that offers a legroom and snack bar. It made a name for itself as being among the best from traveling long distances- nearly a 17-hour flight.

Austrian Airlines

    Known as a member of the Lufthansa group of European airways and commended for its convenience, business class, and premium economy; it outshines itself when it comes to the kitchen section which is headed by top chefs DO&CO who are affiliated with a well-known Viennese restaurant. They even do the honors of announcing the menu to passengers and adding finishing touches to each dish. As a result, they won the award for best class catering and flight crew.


    Known for its top-class product for family and business travelers alike, All Nippon airways get high marks for its friendly customer service, seat comfort, and economy. They provide other services like a lounger and sleep rooms.

Virgin Atlantic

     Last on our list is the Virgin Atlantic which was founded by Richard Branson thirty-six years ago. It was a first in providing in-flight entertainment, giving its passengers a comfortable ride. It got praises and top ratings for entertainment, friendly cabin crew, and economy room.