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7 Best University degrees for a career in acting

7 Best University degrees for a career in acting

If you’re an aspiring actor or want to be one, getting proper education could help you on your path towards the stars. Choose from these 7 best University degrees for a career in acting, and learn new things. Kick off your acting career with a degree in your hand!

1. Film

Obviously, one of the best university degrees for a career in acting is a Film degree. You’ll gain both theoretical and technical knowledge, which will help you showcase your talent with a good portfolio. Exhibiting great emotional depth and delivering a believable performance are the core aspects of acting, and this is what you will learn. You’ll also learn about film and video production, relevant literature, the history of film, and more. After graduation, you’ll be able to start a career as a video editor or a cinematographer as well as an actor.

2. Drama

Another pretty obvious choice and one of the best university degrees for a career in acting is a Drama degree. It will prepare you for a successful acting career, and you’ll gain experience in playing roles. You’ll also learn about production, screenwriting, and theater design. In addition, your confidence will grow, you’ll improve your presentation skills, and learn self-discipline. While you’re pursuing your acting career, you’ll be able to work in industries such as television, video, and film once you get your Drama degree.

3. Musical Theater

Is singing and dancing the best part of acting according to you? If so, a Musical Theater degree might get you your dream job. You’ll learn about music, dance and singing from well-known directors and playwrights. This education will prepare you for work in musical theater productions, so if your dream is to be a Broadway star or act in a movie musical, this is the right choice for you. You will go on auditions with new-gained confidence and a good portfolio. This is because you’ll learn about the business world of acting too, and you’ll know how to advertise yourself to casting directions.

7 Best University degrees for a career in acting4. Costume Design

You might be surprised to find a Costume Design degree on the list of best University degrees for a career in acting, but it actually makes sense. Costume designers are constantly surrounded by successful actors on play sites and film sets. In addition, costume design is a huge part of acting, and it might be a good starting point. You’ll learn to design and make costumes that fit particular characters and enhance scenes. Learning how to draw design ideas will take some research about the specific time periods. This is the right degree for those who are very creative because translating an idea into reality takes a lot of skill. You’ll learn how to sew, familiarize yourself with the fabrics and make the costumes. This degree gives you the possibility to work in the industry when you’re between roles.

5. Stage Management

Professional stage managers work with directors, and they are very organized and have great communication skills. If you can recognize yourself in this description, you might want to consider getting a Stage Management degree. You’ll understand everything that goes on behind the scenes of a show or a play, from organizing rehearsals to making sure that all props are where they should be. Find your way in front of the curtain by starting behind it!

6. Directing/Theater Production

Directors need to visualize the script as well as give instructions to the actors and the technical crew. They are in charge of creative aspects and design of the production or film, and they select the cast. Making the switch between acting and directing is easy, and Kevin Costner and Bradley Cooper are great examples. You might end up preferring the role of control and supervision that a director has, but this degree will also help you spread your wings in the movie industry and pursue your acting career.

7. Screenwriting

Actors often do other things besides acting, and directing is just one of them. They often enjoy writing, so a Screenwriting degree might be your ticket to the world of entertainment. You’ll learn to write good scripts and explore different subject matters. Learning about screenwriting will actually help you improve as an actor, and you’ll gain wisdom regarding all aspects of film and television writing. A lot of actors are also screenwriters, including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Sylvester Stallone. These famous actors’ writing abilities worked great for their acting careers, so who’s to say that the same won’t happen to you? Choose from these 6 best University degrees for a career in acting, and you might end up like these popular actors! If you’d like to take classes online, choose from one of these websites.