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The Cheapest Travel Insurance Companies

Vacations are well deserved but accidents and other issues happen. That’s why you need to know the cheapest travel insurance companies today!

Why Travel Insurance

In most situations, travel insurance is not obligatory. It is easy to see why people choose not to. If you are in good health and not planning on doing anything dangerous you may wonder what is the point of spending money on travel insurance?

The problem isn’t you! Accidents can happen and may not be your fault. Equally, something may happen at home that forces you to cancel and return home as quickly as possible. All these scenarios mean you have to pay to get home again, you may also have to deal with medical bills.

The costs can quickly go upwards quickly, it is when you will be glad you had travel insurance.

Cheapest Travel Insurance Companies

The internet has made it much easier to shop for travel insurance deals, compare the offers, and find the cheapest option. While offers change, the following companies appear to consistently offer some of the best deals available on travel insurance:

  • Trawick International

This is aimed at all types of travelers. They offer 12 different options including students, businesses, and families. They also have comprehensive medical coverage.

  • AXA Assistance

AXA is one of the best-known insurance companies in the world. They currently offer three tiers of insurance to help you decide which cover you need and balance that against the cost of the policy. As well as medical cover they provide trip delay cover.

  • Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide offers cruise, single-trip, and multi-trip plans. It generally focuses o the holiday market and isn’t the best option for business travelers. But, it does have some good deals for your vacation.

  • Generali Global Assistance

This company has three tiers, basic cover, enhanced, and premium. Of course, premium covers everything you can think of but it will cost you. They even offer 125% of the cost of your trip!

  • Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

This is one of the most economical travel companies with a dedicated value travel plan. The plan includes cancelations and interruptions, as well as damaged, lost, or stolen luggage.

  • Seven Corners

Seven Corners cover is limited to US residents and they have a unique array of group travel plans, making them a great option for students on road trips. They also offer trip cancellation insurance and cover all the costs to bring a US citizen home from another country, if necessary.

This is not an exhaustive list but it is a great place to start. You are likely to find your best travel insurance deal with one of the above companies.

Considerations When Booking Travel Insurance

The secret to getting the best travel insurance deal is not to take the first offer! It is essential that you get several quotes before you decide.

Indeed, even after you have received several quotes you need to pause and take stock. The cheapest option is not always the cheapest travel insurance.

You are going to need to look at each quote and verify what cover they are offering. The higher the level of cover the better. In addition, you should consider the excesses that are being charged on each policy. There is little point in saving $10 on the policy only to have to pay an extra $200 as your excess before a claim is dealt with.

The only way to verify the offer each company is making is to look at the details. It will quickly become apparent which travel company really has the best deal.