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Tesla assembly line

Things You Don’t Know About Teslas

The Tesla Motor Company has transitioned by producing electric cars, solar and other renewable energy solutions. The Tesla brand was at first thought of as a dream. Talking about electric vehicles and renewable energy sources was beyond imagination.  At one point, nobody believed in the company or their products, but today their dreams are a reality.

The company is mentioned frequently in newsrooms. There is so much the public is yet to find out about this extraordinary manufacturer. Here is what you need to know about Teslas.

Tesla Makes More Than Cars

Talking about this may confuse the brand name of Tesla Company, but actually, they manufacture more than cars. Initially, when two American entrepreneurs found the company, it was named Tesla Motor Company, but it has evolved to make more than fine automobiles since then.

The Tesla Motor Company filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to change its name to Tesla Company to manufacture other items. They wanted to produce other products, including solar panels and sustainable electric systems.

Have Ludicrous and Insane mode

The ludicrous mode on the model S P110D is much insane than the insane mode in model S P85D. The ludicrous mode can accelerate very fast, and it can travel for 300 miles on a charge- the first-ever electric car to beat this range.

When accelerating, a Tesla in Ludicrous mode can line up next to a Lamborghini or a Ferrari and leave them struggling to be on the same road. The insane mode in model S P85D uses dual motors to accelerate up to 60 in an impressive 3.5 seconds, challenging all other cars when you accelerate it down.

Full Self Driving (FSD)

You can enjoy your ride when your hands are out of the wheel and feet away from the pedals. Tesla has the most advanced self-driving system compared to other cars today. The car automatically senses if your hands are on the driving wheel or not. It will give you commands to take control; if you fail to do so, it will slow down and put on the hazard lights.

Moreover, it can sense when you are at the wrong lane, put you on the correct route on bigger roads, and either slow you down or stop the vehicle on roads with speed limits up to 60mph.

A Tesla recharging station

The Tesla Cars Are Designed to Have Almost No Maintenance

Having electric engines and other advanced technologies, Teslas brands have almost no maintenance. They do not require oil changes, new air filters, spark plugs, and fan belts. Their batteries are more advanced and robust such that they do not need change during the car’s lifetime.

The braking system is designed not to use brake pads, but it reverses the vehicle to stop. Therefore, you only use brake pads sparingly and don’t even need to change them.

The only parts of the Tesla that need to be changed are the tires and the windshield wiper blades. Beyond that, the car has less maintenance compared to other vehicles.

No Need for a Child Lock

Teslas has standard child locks on the rear door to protect children from falling off like all other cars. Still, it is more advanced than that; at speeds of 5mph, no doors are operable from inside.

However, you can operate the door from inside only if the car has come to a complete stop. That means everyone is always safe.

Over The Air (OTA) Updates

The car you buy today will improve as you move on. You won’t regret it since Tesla releases regular OTA updates to the car’s software. And the Tesla HQ can easily upgrade your car in your garage.

The vehicles receive over-the-air software updates that add new features and enhance the existing ones over Wi-Fi. When checking new software updates, you just need to click the software tab on your screen.

There is No Off Switch

Technically, you cannot turn off the Tesla completely. Shifting the car into park mode seems like the car is off, but it is just like shutting the lid on your laptop. The vehicle sleeps, but it will come back to life when you need it. This feature allows Teslas to receive Over the Air updates at any time.

Final thought

Initially, when introducing the Teslas, no one believed that an electric car could become as good as the old-fashioned manual car with its accelerating power. Indeed technology is beyond our imagination, and it keeps improving.

Teslas are a perfect gift for anyone looking to have a great and innovative car.