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plumbing for beginners

Tips on plumbing for beginners

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you can’t find a plumber to fix it for you, you might want to fix it yourself at least temporarily or maybe it might last but hey, it’s best to know a bit about plumbing. It can also save you a lot of money if you DIY. You have youtube and google to teach you more in detail.

If that’s a minor issue then it’s an easy fix, it comes on a day-to-day basis so no worries. In this issue, we will provide you with valuable procedures that will prevent you from making your plumbing worse. Just trust us, every detail will be given to you and in no time you’ll have fun doing most repairs on your home.

Things to consider

Finding the valves

Keep in mind that every time you prepare to fix your plumbing, always, always shut off your valves. Even when working on minor issues on your home, this is essential. If you are unsure if you completely turned it off, try turning on your faucet or flushing your toilet. If you see some water running, it might be that you must have missed a spot. The easiest is just shutting off the major valve.

Do your research, Hey Google, Siri!

Internet is easier to use and more and more people learn online. Do your research before doing the actual work to avoid any issues. It only needs a little bit of your time compared to your everyday Facebook scrolling. Get to know the types of pipe you have, and you can also do an image search if you can’t recognize what type of tool or pipe you have.

Get ready with your toolbox

Below are the most commonly used tools in plumbing. If you’re unfamiliar with them, you can search online and get to know them a bit.

  • Basin wrench
  • Metal file
  • Hand auger
  • Pipe wrench
  • Hacksaw
  • Closet
  • Pliers
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Cloth resistant to fire

Get these tools near you when doing your work. Remember, study these tools if you’re unfamiliar with them.

Use thread tape – Don’t mind your sealing compounds.

But sometimes, with regards to plumbing, utilize your psyche instead of your solidarity. A pipe wrench isn’t the appropriate response in a large portion of the cases. Applying full power will not lose solidified fittings. Notwithstanding, heat would, completely.

Utilize a propane burner and apply the heat for several minutes. Ensure there are no gas or plastic lines nearby and cover your hands with a heat-safe fabric.

Do not overtighten that may cause loose thread

focus on the measurements

Supply tubes, toilet bolts, fittings, and pipes are exceptionally inclined to breaking on the off chance that you tighten too much.

On the majority of occasions, you will not see the crank immediately, yet it will escalate little by little and cause a flood for two or three weeks.

Try not to take things excessively unpleasant,  in the case when you are operating with PVC pipes or carbon, because this can set you back a ton later on.

Do not overuse your dry cleaner

When having major problems with clogs, chemical cleaners may not do the job well. Chemical cleaners only work on minor issues and should not be overused.

On the off chance that, under any condition, chemicals may cause fumes on pipes, which can cause breathing dangers.

In the event that you are managing a significant channel or you have effectively utilized a synthetic channel cleaner as of late, it would be greatly improved to go for vinegar, baking soda, boiling water, and salt.

Instead, opt for a drain snake or an auger.

Use of Anti-Seize Compounds

Keep in mind that when you seal something in your pipes framework, you needn’t bother with glue, yet a putty.

You wouldn’t accept the number of individuals that commit this error.

After you finish your work, ensure that you put segregation on your lines to forestall freezing.

Focus on the measurements

Plumbing needs fixation and accuracy. On the off chance that you made a cut on a line, you need to get another part that will find a way in, correct?

Another normal error isn’t recording estimations of the new part.


Plumbing problems can only worsen if you ignore them when it’s just a small pipe problem. It grows big in time so when you notice that something is wrong with your pipes, you fix it yourself by following this guide. But if not, a plumbing professional is just a call away and yes, this will cost you a hundred bucks. Lucky if you have a neighbor who is plumbing-savvy. Happy plumbing!