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7 Steps to start trading stocks online

7 Steps to start trading stocks online

Maybe you’re interested in stock trading, but you don’t know where to start. Before you do, you need to educate yourself as much as possible. Start by reading these steps to start trading stocks online and take it from there.

1. Pick a strategy

Before doing anything else, consider whether online trading is really the right choice for you. It will take work, and it can be risky! Contribute to retirement investment accounts if you want to build towards long-term prosperity. For instance, you could choose Roth IRA or401(k)s. If you’re not familiar with this retirement investing, proceed to the following steps to start trading stock online, but take the following one very seriously.

2. Educate yourself

You need to learn as much as you can about the markets and investing before you start trading online. Consider Udemy, which is one of the websites where you can find courses online. This is one of the steps to start trading stock online well informed about the market, and you can’t skip that. Your stockbroker might be able to help you learn more, but make sure to pick the right one.

3. Choose the right broker

Account and trade minimums, customer support, and educational resources should be important to you as a beginner trader. Find an online broker whose support and tools match your needs. Online stock trading software is also important, and you need one that is easy to use and includes how-to advice, as well as a trader community where you’ll be able to find the answers to your questions.

7 Steps to start trading stocks online4. Research stocks

Opening an account is just one of the steps to start trading stocks online, and you’re not done yet. Picking stocks is the part that makes you wealthy or not, so you should do your research. Analyze the company; check the earnings reports and other public information such as SEC filings and annual reports. There might be some research reports too. Your broker should provide much of this as well as the recent company risk ratings and news. Most importantly, don’t do anything in a rush. Pick one stock or maybe two, and invest an amount that you’re okay with losing. Don’t invest more unless you have put research into the companies.

5. Make a plan

Steps to start trading online include developing patience, and this is a part that you can’t skip. You have to have long-term goals in mind and be aware that you’ll sometimes win big and sometimes lose big. Making a plan can help you keep your emotions in check during these changes. Set a budget that you want to start with. Decide on the amount that you’re going to invest, at what price, and on the lowest threshold before getting out of a stock that is falling. Don’t invest in more than two stocks when you’re just starting out. See how they will perform and you can later re-invest your gains into these stocks or pick a different company. This will give you valuable experience before you increase your budget. Stick with the plan you make and try not to get emotional about your investments.

6. Trade stocks online

The online brokerage account that you’ve opened will need to be funded. A transfer from the bank account should do it, and this usually gets done easily. You’ll then need to choose the stocks and place the order. Follow the instructions that you got closely because the process can be different depending on the online brokerage. Double-click when you’re ready to confirm, and that’s it!

7. Try more advanced strategies

Steps to start trading stocks online don’t really end because there are always more ways in which you can learn and improve. Eventually, you’ll gain experience and confidence. You’ll want to try advanced trade strategies and make things run faster. A faster pace means higher risk, and you have to be ready for that. Borrowing to trade might be one of the ways to increase your budget for investments, but it’s also a way to end up in debt if you’re not cautious. Make sure to always stay aware of the risks and have a safety net and a backup plan. Things could go wrong, and being prepared for that could help you deal with it when or if it happens. Once you’re done with the steps to start trading stocks online, prepare yourself emotionally for the wins and losses that are about to come. Keep in mind that trading is not the same as gambling, so you shouldn’t approach it the same way either. Do your research and choose wisely. Learn more about is online trading safe.